Sandi Storck
Coldwell Banker Realty

Buyer Success-timonials

Helped Experienced Buyers

      “Sandi has got to be one of the most dedicated professional real estate agents in the entire country. I have worked with and known many but never anyone who displayed the work ethic she possesses.
       Prior to coming out west, Sandi kept us updated daily on what was available in our desired areas. By phone and internet, we were able to focus our efforts on just a couple of neighborhoods. We traveled to Boulder County from Florida on a house hunting mission over the Mother's Day weekend. We only had 3 weeks until we moved. Sandi was determined to find a home for us during our short visit. We had to practically force Sandi to spend time with her family on Mother's Day.
       We found a pre-foreclosure with desirable qualities and a fantastic location. It was unlisted. After viewing many other fine homes in the area with Sandi, we decided to try to make the pre-foreclosure work. Sandi took on the challenge like a true champion. There are many issues involved with purchasing a new home but nothing like trying to buy a home facing foreclosure. Sandi made personal contact with all involved parties, securing us a viewing and then giving us a solid dollar figure that would make the home ours.
       Due to Sandi's negotiating tactics, we quickly secured a contract. That was just the beginning. While we dealt with selling our home in Florida, changing jobs and moving, Sandi was in Boulder contacting multiple lean holders and making the contract work for the stated amount. She managed this in only 3 weeks! We closed on our desired date.
       I have told other real estate agents about this that they just shook their heads in amazement. Her personal service continued past closing and she assisted us in getting moved in. I felt like I had made my first friend in the area.
       We have already sent another relocating family to Sandi and we will continue to recommend her in the future. Real estate transactions can be very difficult and adversarial. They are among the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. Believe me when I say, you need Sandi in your corner”- The Wilkey Family


      “Sandi is an energetic, knowledgeable Realtor who will leave no stone unturned in her effort to help you find a place. I have to admit we were 'difficult clients' as my husband is a RE lawyer and we were looking for a very particular type of property. We were also looking for a good deal in this economy, and we were just not willing to compromise very much. Also, going into escrow, we were juggling 2 loan applications as we weren't about to leave anything to chance, and Sandi was able to keep track of all the details, and bring the sale to a successful close! She's a veritable RE athlete! Sandi uses a team to help her accomplish things an individual agent would not be able to alone, and it keeps her able to juggle several clients at once while still providing you with the access and service you require. It took us approximately 4 months, and I was constantly on the internet searching, so really quite demanding, and ultimately it was her utilization of this team that found us what we were looking for!”  - Theresa Nielsen


      “We met Sandi at a listing and she struck us as being honest and helpful. She didn't try to sell us a house but tried to learn about us as a customer. She spent a considerable time getting to know us, our family and our plan to purchase a larger home. I was amazed at how much she gathered from our conversations and our tours. Her incredible ability to read us and her knowledge of the area led to finding us the perfect home! She guided us through the negotiations brilliantly and we are positive that without her years of experience and knack for reading people, we would not have been the winning bid without her. This will be our third house and we own our own business so we are not without our own skills of negotiations; however, this new life would not be possible without her. We love our new house, our new neighborhood and our new Realtor who we will stick with for any future real estate needs.” - The Chip & Susan Allen Crew


Helped First Time Buyers

“Sandi was exceptional! Her knowledge of the many areas we were interested in, along with her expertise in the housing market helped us find "the one" After placing the offer, it was Sandi's incredible ability to negotiate that actually made the deal go through. We highly recommend Sandi and will be contacting her for any future housing needs!” - Jared & Lori Yando


           “Relocation by its very nature is filled with uncertainty & we had some challenging criteria... Sandi is an extraordinary professional, who takes the time to determine her clients’ needs, while guiding them through the entire relocation process. Even after the purchase Sandi still takes the time to follow up with us on occasion” - Christian & Kristin Reick-Mitrisin